Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Helping with opening and closing the boathouse
  • Helping with our Open Houses
  • Operating a coach boat
  • Coaching
  • Maintaining rowing equipment


If you are down at the club, and notice that the grass in any of the following areas need cutting please feel free to use the tractor. 1) The areas directly in from of the bay doors to the trailer over to the trail head. 2) The transitioning area close to the docks where we set up when many shells are on the water. 3) The boat launch area. This area may need to have a volunteer come with a weed whacker to clear it out.
If you are unsure of how to use the tractor please ask Ken or Martin.
This helps to keep the mosquito population down around the club.

KW Rowing Club | volunteering

Interested in volunteering? Drop us a line!